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We choose to go to the moon

I am not a United States citizen, but people from all over the world was somehow affected by the acts of this outlier man. 

This man pushed to get to the moon, pushed to gain knowledge , pushed to challenge, even though he recognized that this act was more of faith and vision, and he did not know the outcomes.  

You cannot believe how many things have been developed thanks to the space program, and we use it in daily basis. 

Things like: scratches resistant lenses, the shoe insoles, smoke detectors, water filters, cordless tools, satellites to predict the weather, GPS, were developed thanks to the space program. 

If I know how to make my way to an unknown place, is thanks to the GPS developed thanks to the space program.

If I have clean water, is thanks for water filters developed thanks by the space program.

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Here is the whole transcription of the speech 

Epic space adventures plant seeds of economic growth, because doing what’s never been done before is intellectually seductive (whether deemed practical or not), and innovation follows, just as day follows night.

Neil deGrasse Tyson 

(Source: haydenplanetarium.org)